Glass Gods

by Anti-Venom

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When the facade falls away the truth will be seen.
What rules us are transparent and fragile.
Glass Gods.


released February 26, 2014

Demo by Caleb Miller at Chub City
Recorded by Sean Fitzpatrick at the Brick Hit House
Mastered by Audio Seige



all rights reserved


Anti-Venom Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: BRAIN BURN (Furnace Face)
I've got a bad batch of thoughts over cooked in my mind
The worlds not ready so i"ll give them more time
The longer they're in there the blacker they get
Wait for the right time, right time ain't yet

I've never been one to know the way, But my mother raised no fool
Well versed in the ways of man, lessons learned in no school

Hold the chips on my shoulders
Always and ace up my sleeve
Taught me to know when I'm welcome to stay
And when I'm welcome to leave

For now ill stand and hold my peace
Believe me that I've been trying
But I'll savor the look on your face
When you find out I've been lying

Bad batch of thoughts
Over cooked in my mind
The world is not yet ready
So I'll give em more time

The right time is now
Track Name: Low Trip
Cut ties with your mind
Leave your body behind
Taking you off on a journey
No set destination in sight

Find the patterns once unseen
Follow thoughts to what they mean
Me and I meld in time
See through new eyes, see inside

Smoke will rise ya, Smoke will lift ya
Bird's eye view, greater picture
Come back to earth with the sight still with ya
Higher resolution, better picture

You can't say you know anyone else
Til you look inside and see right through yourself
You will find
Smoke will rise
And lift the lids
Of inner eyes

Pressure mounting, can I, make it
Pressure mounting, I can't, take it
Crushed under weight of deep space
An implosion of ego weight

Lost in the abyss

Beware the gift
Track Name: I Gave Up Hope For Lent
I'd love to just give in and let ignorance win
Bow down to deafening lords forever circular swim
Black out the eyes,except all the lies
But that world to me, that dream to me is a nightmare

I will give no grace to god who gave no grace to me.

Religion superstition, just another system
Just another system, I'm not gunna live in

Fuck you.
Track Name: They Live
I'll never find ease with the world around me
The freedom I've found, I found with a fee
Opportunity and hope are scrapes at the feet of the mongers of greed, powers that be
Never have a place at a bended, chain to my throat at the end of a lease
Pulled by the hands of the so-called elite
Who built they're thrones on the broken backs of the weak

They Live, We Sleep
Wake from this coma or die in your sleep

Fields without fences, far away dream
Prisons and coffins are all that I see

March into oblivion in the age of selfishness
I can't trust what I can't respect
March into oblivion in the age of hopelessness
I can't life my head, with a broken neck
Track Name: Perfect Prison
So mad at myself, that the world broke my hands
So I tried to change, the same place that I stand
Home that I made to protect my mind
Is the prison I furnished and forever reside

The path that I walk has me lost and alone
The bed of vice I rest on, warmer than the outside, road
Every decision I make, is a second guessed mistake
Dead ends, no friends, track marks, in the sand
So upset with myself, I let the world break, my hands

Know what its like to be crushed

Doesn't seem to matter which way I go all that I know
My destiny is depleted, my fucking fated defeated

Only gets worse, never getting better
Cursed to lie in a hearse
Life issued perforated letter
Track Name: Sex & Abuse
I'm bloodletting sin
I'm breaking silence
I'm digging up family trees, with violence
All this hate
All this pain
Weighs on me takes atlas strength
To hold it up
To carry on
You've gone too far can't right, this wrong

Innocence taken, what was the cost?
Foundation shaken, a childhood lost

Silence can be violent sort of like a slit wrist

She has a mother
She has a father
She just another daughter
Victim of a man
Man's slaughter
Track Name: F.D.A.
Poison crops grown from seeds of greed
They're putting a patent on the air that breath
Copy-written nutrition and designer meats
It's true what they say you are what you eat

I've seen the science
I've seen the math
Harvester's scythe
Executioner's ax

A desolate future, undeniable past
Debase the land, digest the trash

When I die bury me deep, burn my receipts
When they come to harvest the crops they've grown inside of me
Let these words serve as the deeds of corporation greed
Lab built toxins in the food in which we feed
Please list the terms and conditions of the bounty we're about to receive
Track Name: Misery
Misery seems to follow me everywhere I go, with everyone I know
I'm a pox to the place that I stand
I'm a burden to the hands that I shake
Like a black cat caught my path
Now I carry it always on my back
I'm Misfortune's favored sun
A parents hopes and dreams undone

Dress in chains, I look so well
World of problems, drag you down to hell
Straight to fucking hell
Track Name: Wrong Again
Tied up and twisted, I can't seem to set myself free
On the line of right and wrong, is surely where you'll find me
Slave to my own damned will
Am I blind to my own chains?

So what do you call a second chance?
If I just fuck it up again.
So I'm back to where I started
Back to where I belong

In time I'll grow sick, and regret what I've become
Is the devil that I know, better than what I know not?
Is winning the war, worth all the battles that I've fought?

Greener grass, while it lasts
Greener grass, never lasts
I stray too far you'll never take me back

The list goes on, and on and on
Of all the things I've done wrong
Not a drop of reason still remains, in the well where I've drawn
Up my excuses in needing times, yet for needier times inbound
For now I'll bide my wasted time, and count the ways I've let you down
I let you down